YUFENG Consulting

YUFENG Consulting

YUFENG Consulting accompanies you in your new (aviator) life.

With your decision to go to China, you are already halfway there - the hardest part! Wishing to embark on the adventure of China, either of living as an expat or the fascination of commuting, both must be well considered. It will change everything!

For the rest of the way, there is still an exciting part in front of you that will enrich your life. It will be full of the unexpected and unbelievable, sometimes frustrating and often puzzling. A destination awaits you, however, which will be worth all the effort - China. Even if you can’t imagine that now!

Allow 3 to 6 months - this is how long it takes from your decision to entering the company. To help you to overcome any hurdles along the way, the team at  YUFENG Consulting in Europe and China will look after you around the clock.

Of course, for  YUFENG Consulting the support doesn’t end after the contract has been signed. This is when part 2 of the work usually begins. From the reunification of your families, the organization of your official affairs and housing search to the accompaniment of a doctor's visit - Yufeng consulting will be with you all the way!

Ready for departure? Cleared for Takeoff!



The Agency

The agency plays the keyrole between the airline and you in China! Linguistic agency staff accompany you in all that you do, sending application documents, staying with you for the duration of your Medical or the trips to the CAAC etc. Not only government issues, but also everyday things (phone, account, register, apartment and school search, etc.) will be done by your agency. Again and again during the term of your contract, the agency is your closest partner, also when it comes to extending your contract after the first 3 years.


As long as you are under contract with an airline, the agency earns money! Of course, there is also competition that is influenced by the "black sheep" of the industry who make big promises. For example, the availability of bases in Europe is a popular means of making the decision for a particular airline / agency. The reality is usually sobering, after realizing, the European base was more a theoretical offer.

YUFENG Consulting will gladly help you find the best possible airline according to your requirements and wishes. In order to keep you happy after signing the contract, YUFENG Consulting does not promise you what is impossible. All too often, a prospective European base has turned out to be an soap bubble and, in the end, has led to great dissatisfaction.

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