ATPL and CAAC-Check

ATPL and CAAC-Check


The theoretical ATPL test can be repeated as often as desired with at least 28 days rest between two tries. The test takes place in a center of the CAAC with very clear rules. During the 2.5-hour examination you sit in a "glass case" under multiple observation. ALL personal items such as bags, cell phones etc. can be locked in the waiting room. You do not need anything. Paper, writing material and calculator are provided and remain on site after the examination. Only you passport is to be shown - as everywhere.

For the preparation there are different programs. FAA's American questionnaire has lost some of its topicality in recent months. Currently, the preparation is recommended with FEIZHIYI, a Chinese app (unfortunately with a Chinese menu), whose questionnaire is regularly updated. As a rule of thumb, if you achieve 80% in practice mode with FEIZHIYI it will enough to reach the required 70% for the CAAC. .. . .

FEIZHIYI introduction


CAAC – Check

After passing the Medical and ATP-Check you will receive the invitation to the simulator check in front of the Chinese Aviation Authority (CAAC). They make the final decision whether you receive the Chinese license. In principle, the examiner may give you any possible mistake to handle within the 2-hour simulator event. Finally, great emphasis is placed on captaincy and aircraft handling . Crosswind up to 35 kt in Normal Law and Direct Law should be demonstrated on intercepts and go arounds. The program is easy to manage with 1 to 2 hours warm up, some airlines offer this preparation  - partly at cost price. Should the CAAC-Check be failed, repetition is also possible.

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