Nowadays there are unmanageable numbers of offers for pilots to fly in Asia. However, while choosing the prospective employer, you can already make the first mistakes. What is important? What do you need to know?

The requirements for a place "front left" are:

  • 3000+ hours total
  • 500+ hours PIC on type
  • Current on type within 12 month
  • Age less than 53
  • ICAO English level 4
  • Medical Class 1
  • No history of incidents or accidents

The hiring process for Chinese airlines is 5-stage.

  • Screening
  • Medical
  • ATPL-Test
  • Background-Check

3 to six months have to be planned after the screening has been passed depending on your own preparation. Following a successful screening during a european roadshow or in directly in China, the invitation to the Medical and the ATP test will be issued. For these two up to three trips to China, flight tickets and hotel costs are provided by the airline. During this time you will appreciate the cooperation with the agency. The more professional the agency, the better you work with the airlines and government agencies. The sooner the line training can begins, the sooner you get your first paycheck.

The line training includes by law at least 200 hours. A long time by European standards, but there is also enough room to get familiar with local conditions and procedures. 200 Stunden. Eine für europäische Verhältnisse lange Zeit, die jedoch auch genügend Raum gibt, sich mit den lokalen Gegebenheiten und Verfahren vertraut zu machen.

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