The initial medical is quite extensive, but far from being an astronaut training - as it is often called sarcastically. In principle, you can also prepare well for the medical and in the end have a comprehensive overview of your state of health. Quite a few candidates have at this point realized that they have health problems that had been hidden so far.

CAAC-Medical Center in Shanghai

What is important?

Blood values are a decisive factor. BlutwerteThese can be checked ahead of time at home, and adjusted if necessary. As a rule, European pilots have problems with cholesterol and liver values ​​as well as blood pressure. With a lead time of about six to eight weeks, these values ​​can be adjusted with excellent medication. Reducing alcohol consumption and sticking to a low-meat diet will bring the blood values in check very quickly.

In preparation for the treadmill-test Belastungs-EKG (20 minutes treadmill at different speeds), three cardio sessions a week in the gym usually work wonders. The associated weight loss also contributes to an increased well-being.

Blutabgabe – am ersten Tag des Medicals “nüchtern” erscheinen!

For visible scars or handicaps, a doctor's report (translated into English) is helpful in avoiding additional examinations.  

You can also get EEG, MRI, eye and urine tests.

Due to the large number of examinations and possible follow-up examinations, it can certainly take several days for the Medical. It is not uncommon to plan a second or third trip to China until all the values ​​are "in shape".

Medical check subjects:

  1.      Blood test and Urine test
  2.      Chest X-Ray
  3.      Electrocardiography (ECG)
  4.      Electroencephalogram (EEG)
  5.      B-ultrasound
  6.      Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat check
  7.      Internal Medicine Consulting
  8.      Surgery Consulting
  9.      MRI & MRA (not to do under 40 years old)
  10.      Treadmill test (not to do under 40 years old)


Please bring your Optical medical report (if you wear glasses, please bring two pairs and your prescription. If not, you will have to pay for an eye test)

Surgery: If you have had any surgery before, please bring your surgery report with you, it should be either translated into English or Chinese.


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