Full-time models with different fixed block hours "850" or "750",, "6 weeks ON / 3 weeks OFF", , "6 weeks ON / 2 weeks OFF" and "4 weeks ON / 4 weeks OFF" are the most common working time models for most airlines. Currently, due to the persistent lack of pilots, any working-model that your heart desires is being offered. Thus, every captain is free to be happy. Fast money, a balanced life or a 50/50 contract. Anything is possible!

The annual net remuneration consists of a monthly fixed amount, flight allowances, various grants and bonuses after fulfillment of the contract. The differences are not always apparent at first glance. As a rule of thumb, the better the salary, the worse the air quality!

Contracts, as they were in Europe 30 years ago, are now being offered in China. If you want to break out of the downward spiral of the industry in Europe, you will get countless opportunities in China. The aviation industry in China will be a growth market for years to come.

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